Author's Guideline

Central India Journal of Historical and Archaeological Research (CIJHAR) is inviting researchers to submit articles or book reviews for its next issue. CIJHAR is a refereed print journal dedicated to pioneering new research in history and archaeological. Drawing on the latest historical, cultural, political, social, and theoretical analytical research, CIJHAR’s overarching purpose is to foster lively and productive academic debate.

  • We welcome articles on a broad range in both geographic and chronological terms, including local, regional, national and/or global foci from medieval right through to contemporary periods.
  • Each article will be reviewed by our editorial committee or reviewer of concerning subject; if there is any modification and correction required than authors are requested to do the needful, only after that the article will be published.
  • Authors are requested to please maintain the word limit of 3000 words in their article and enclose the certificate of originality of their article. End note style sheet may please be follow in your article.
  • Minimum 3 -6 months’ time will be required for publication of an article. Authors are requested to please wait for the review and publication of their papers and not to unnecessary influence the editor.
  • Editorial Committee will not be responsible for any contents of an article.
  • Authors are requested to please send their books for Book Review. We are publishing Book Review in each issue of CIJHAR. Minimum one /two copies of Book are required for publication of Book Review. Book Review will be made by our expert team only.
  • Submissions should be submitted online by no later than 27th Dec 2017. Please ensure that you have included all relevant contact information, including your name, the title of your manuscript, your professional or institutional affiliation and a permanent e-mail address.